Importance of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? Why it is important?

In Artificial Intelligence (AI) we simulate the human intelligence processes. In this process machines, especially computers are used. Moreover, there are several specific applications of AI. These include

  1. Natural language processing
  2. Expert systems
  3. Machine vision and
  4. Speech recognition

In other words, AI is the ability of a computer or robot. They are controlled by another computer that is used by other humans. Because AI depends on human intelligence.

Examples of AI

There are a lot of examples of Artificial Intelligence. These may include manufacturing robots, smart assistants, self-driving cars, disease mapping, social media monitoring systems, automatic healthcare and financial investment procedures, virtual services agents for travel booking.

It also includes smart assistants like Siri. Another example is conversational bots. Email spam filters are also the type of AI. Moreover, Netflix’s recommendations and Robo-advisors are also included in the types of AI.

Now the question arises, what is the main purpose of artificial intelligence?

Purpose of Artificial Intelligence

AI provides software. It can reason on input. Also, it can explain output. Further, it works as human-like interactions with software. Moreover, for some specific tasks, it offers decision support.

Although its results are amazing, it cannot be used as a replacement for humans. Also, it is used by humans but can never be like humans for sure.

Types of AI

Experts have found out the three types of AI which are as follows:

  1. One is Artificial Super Intelligence.
  2. Second is Artificial Narrow Intelligence.
  3. While Artificial General Intelligence is on the third number.

Where can we use AI?

We can use AI in our everyday life. We can use Artificial Intelligence while providing personalized recommendations to people around us. The recommendations can be based on knowing their preferences. It is possible by knowing what they purchased and searched for in the near past.

No one can deny the importance of AI in commerce. It is useful for:

Siri and AI

Siri also uses AI in its system. It is not AI by itself. Siri uses AI to find your answer. And, when the answer is clear it is sent towards you through your device.

Future of AI

AI can revolutionize health standards. In hospitals, doctors can use AI to get an idea of a patient’s genes, lifestyle, circumstances, to customize health care facilities.

Personalized Medicine Revolution:                                      

AI can be useful in diagnosing brain tumors as well. Furthermore, it will be able to suggest the best type of cancer treatment for each patient. That’s something magical but it’s destined to happen one day. Also, we are going to experience a personalized medicine revolution soon.

Although our personal lives will be disclosed by AI, the benefits of AI are more than what we have expected.