Property Management Systems and the Benefits for Landlords and Tenants

Successful landlord-tenant relationships are mainly tied to the management systems of the property. A well-managed property enhances the security of the residents and their properties, building trust and even living in the same property for a substantial period. 

Have you thought about using property management software for your building(s)? At first, you will have a few challenges, especially if you need to learn how to use property management software. It is essential to have some knowledge about how the software will benefit both you and your tenants. Here are a few benefits of property management systems. 

What are the Advantages of using a Property Management System?

Implementing property management software is a great way to curb problems faced by property managers. Property managers struggle daily, and these struggles reduce the effectiveness of the property for both the landlord and tenants. Here are a few other advantages of having property management software. 

Real-time information access

Most people are used to keeping important information on spreadsheets and saving them for later review. Using this mode of saving information will only confine you in your office. Worst still, it would be best if you stayed close to your computer even when working from home. 

But, having software such as the ePMS real estate facilities management software frees you from this. You can work from anywhere and get real-time information on your laptop and your mobile device that’s light enough to carry around. Both the landlord and tenant can get all updated information in real time regarding the property on their gadgets.

Easy payments from tenants

Most landlords today are looking for a way to assist with tracking rent payments. Much money gets lost in thin air due to mismanagement and the need for a system to help the tenant and landlord. 

All this, however, can change. Landlords must incorporate a way tenants can electronically send their rent payments on the agreed dates. Using the ePMS financial software eradicates the frustration of trying to keep track of payments from so many tenants, especially in different properties. The software makes it easy to receive payments via the preferred methods from the tenants without necessarily needing to meet the landlord in person. 

Quick property inspections

House haunting is in itself a daunting process. It also takes quite some time for a tenant to find an ideal property they can settle in for a long time. All you would want is to know that as soon as you have entered a building, you will not need to worry about the risks of skipping a home inspection

Property management software is a good investment for both the tenant and the landlord. Upon a conclusive investment, the software will assist in the production of an accurate report on the property’s situation. It also helps to save time used to indicate any faults on a template. 

24/7 Customer Support

When tenants need to communicate with their landlord regarding the property, they may need to use a protocol that could take time. Sometimes, the situation is so urgent, and with a landlord dealing with so many tenants, the issue takes so much time to get attention. That is why property management software is important. The property owner can hire a team to man the software 24/7 and ensure that any inquiries or issues are addressed promptly. 

Securing sensitive data

Landlords can build trust with their tenants by assuring them that all the data and information they share will be stored safely using landlord management software. Landlords will only achieve this with the help of property management software. The software makes it possible to store all the data online and even makes retrieving the same data easily whenever needed.

What are the features of property management software?

Different property management software carries with them different features that are all dependent on what they are used for. Some of the core features of most property management software include the following. 

Accounting features

Tenants tend to make a lot of transactions, especially when they need to make their rent payments. A proper system can lead to the loss of large sums of money. However, the accounting feature in the property management software makes all these transactions easy and centralizes all these payments into one location for ease of access and management. 

Communication features

Communication between landlords and tenants is extremely important. The most available forms of communication are texts or calls. However, property management software has several communication modes centralized in one place. You can use a feature that works best for you and makes communication seamless. 

Online payments

Property management software makes the transaction of payments; in this case, tenants rent to their landlord, possibly online. With the correct details, the payment process is easy, and there’s always proof available to show that, as a tenant, you made the payments to your landlord. 

Maintenance management

Properties often have their issues from time to time. Sometimes it could be a crack, leakage, or something else, making the tenant’s stay uncomfortable. Landlords can only build trust and make their tenants stay longer by resolving such issues promptly. Property management software has a maintenance management feature that ensures that once these issues are mentioned, they can be scheduled and resolved quickly. 

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The one way landlords can have a great relationship with their tenants is to ensure that the properties they rent meet their tenants’ needs. Property managers must catch up with everything needed to ensure the properties are always in good condition. 

They need a system that ensures everything is streamlined and the properties are in good condition keeping the tenants possible. Have you heard of property management software? As a landlord, you do not have to sweat over trying to keep everything together. Make your life and that of your tenants easy by installing this property management software. 

You can visit the ePMS website and select the best property management software you feel would work for you. You can contact ePMS and request a demo to learn how the software will assist in your daily property management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property management software is a system built with property managers in mind. It’s a system that helps property managers and landlords increase efficiency in the service to their tenants. 

Property managers have a great task of ensuring that everything regarding a property runs smoothly. Property management’s biggest advantage is saving time while ensuring that most tasks are completed.