Best Real Estate software and tools for agents in 2021

Real estate software is the secret weapon. Agents use this weapon for building a successful career. It can do wonders for them including:

  • Video editing
  • Lead generation
  • Expense tracking
  • Open house management

We have compiled a list of resources to help you out in the optimization of your marketing campaigns. Also, you can now simplify transaction management. Moreover, you will be able to see an increase in your profits.

Without further ado, let’s find out about real estate software development companies & the best real estate software for top agents in 2021.

We know that you need real estate software for:

  • Lead Generation and Nurturing
  • Website Building and for Marketing
  • MLC research and listing
  • Open house and showing management
  • Collaboration and Communication software
  • Tools for office
  • For improving Efficiency

Here we will discuss them one by one.

Tools for Efficiency

  1. KeyMe
  2. Zapier
  3. Waze
  4. Prempoint

KeyMe helps listing and rental agents. It can be used to resolve the biggest logistical hurdles. You can get the copies of house keys.

On the other hand, Zapier is the workflow automation software. The products that are not connected directly, can integrate them through Zapier.

Another tool for efficiency increases in Waze. This tool is not a real state software, but it is a very useful app. Also, it helps you to get timely traffic condition reports from other Waze users.

Especially, if you have Prempoint software, then you do not need the lockboxes and manual keys. By using it, agents get access to management systems easily.

Lead Generation and Nurturing Software:

  1. It includes Zillow Premier agent,
  2. RealScout
  3. CINC
  4. Real Geeks
  5. Structurely
  6. Revaluate
  7. REIPro
  8. REDX
  9. Follow Up Boss.

By using Zillow Premier Agent software, you can submit new listings on the platform. Your name will also appear with it. Further, you have more chances to earn more commission. It means you can claim your listings. And that’s the greatest part of using this software.

RealScout scours your MLs. It is used for new listings. By matching the criteria of the clients, it can email them automatically.

Whereas CINC is a platform. You are easily engaged with your clients all the time, whenever you need. It enables you to don’t skip a deal ever.

Another valuable software is Structurely. It can use Artificial Intelligence. Also, by texting and emailing it helps leads to qualify with a proprietary chatbot.

Revaluate also uses an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to help agents. Brokers or agents can easily initiate seller leads with the help of predictive analytics. In short, uy fewer leads through Revaluate and save your time.

REIPro assists the investors. It includes lead generation tools and CRM. You can track all the parts of a deal.

REDX tracks down the expired leads. Also, it’s capable to identify specialty leads. Moreover,

By using Follow Up Boss, your listings become more organized. Furthermore, you can make calls, send emails, texts and take notes.

Real Geeks has the function of tracking and organizing leads. After that, it will optimize all the emails and calls you must make.

Website Builders and Marketing Tools:

For website building and marketing purposes, these tools have proved to be the best.

  1. Placester
  2. Zurple
  3. Matterport
  4. Parkbench
  5. Magicplan
  6. Loomly

With Placester you can generate and nurture more leads in no time. Further, It is excellent for saving your time.

While Zurple provides IDX websites where you can capture leads. Also, it can monitor user’s profiles and browsing activities. Moreover, it can answer most of the important questions about budget, etc.

Create 3D digital tours for your clients through Matterport. Also, it is one of the best marketing tools in the market right now.

When talking about Parkbench, it is a geocentric platform. It allows agents to use hyper-local online content. They can become neighborhood experts by using this platform.

Magic plan is another valuable tool. You can create floor plans for your listings. It will increase the client’s engagement and interests. Further, it is an easy and fast way for getting their attention just by using your mobile phone.

Another interesting tool is Loomly. It is a marketing integration tool. Moreover, agents can use different channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram, and many more social media platforms to schedule their campaigns.

Tools for MLC search and listing

These tools include:

  2. Zumper
  3. Realty MX
  4. Showcase IDX
  5. Smarter Agent Mobile is a one-stop-shop for the client and owner. You can list your property through local MLS. Further, the screening process notifies you about the potential clients. Moreover, It automatically performs background checks and credit scorings.

Zumper is useful for rental agents. It works with other rental apps in collaboration like Trulia to present your listing on easy-to-search websites.

On the other hand, Realty MX provides a listing database solution for brokerages. Furthermore, CRM and document management systems are also present in it.

While talking about another tool for MLC search and listing, Showcase IDX takes the lead. Also, by being an IDX plugin, it makes IDX listings and searches. Later, which will be easily merged with your website.

Another important tool is Smart Agent Mobile app. It allows you to customize with your agents. Also, the brandings, and listing. Moreover, its monthly fee is way less than the other tools.

Office Tools

  1. Brokermint
  2. Everlance
  3. Dotloop
  4. QuickBooks Self-Employed
  5. Brokerkit

Let’s talk about the Office tools one by one. First is Brokermint. This tool helps in managing transactions. Also, tracking commissions and management of the team comes under its functioning.

The second is Everlance. This tool is mileage tracking software. Further, you can maximize your tax deduction and can monitor your expenses. Moreover, it keeps the brokerage and agents IRS-compliant.

The third is Dotloop. Its amazing functioning has got the transaction management system. Other functions include

  • Form creation
  • Storage
  • E-signature
  • Reporting tools
  • Automated workflow compliance capability
  • Templates for tasks

While talking about the best office tool, QuickBooks Self-Employed comes to mind. Also, It is efficient in taking into consideration your daily expenses, your travel mileage, taxes, and marketing. Now with the help of QuickBooks, you can pay the quarterly taxes online. Also, you can track your expenses easily.

Finally, Brokerkit is a platform where recruiting and retention of agents takes place. Especially, brokers can organize dial leads, call notes, follow-ups, and referrals.

Showing and Open House management software

Following are the best options of software for an open house and showing management.

  1. Showing Time
  2. Spacio
  3. Calendly
  4. Rently

Among these types of software, Showing Time comes in the first place. It can integrate and automate the showing schedules. Also, you can access pictures, feedback of agents and buyers, videos, and notes of each listing.

Spacio is the second one. It’s a paperless open house app. Digital sign-in sheets can be accessed. Also, you can merge the software with the marketing software. Also, integrate it with the listing platforms to avail of the benefits.

Calendly is the third software we will talk about. With it, you can schedule your appointments with clients according to your availability.

On the other hand, by using Rently, you can see the listings of properties available for rent. Secondly, you can do it without the help of any agent.

Market reports and valuation of property software

The below-mentioned software is the best type of software for making effective market reports and valuating property.

  1. Cloud CMA
  2. ArePulse
  3. HouseCanary
  4. RPR Mobile
  5. Home Value Leads

As indicated by its name, Cloud CMA develops a comparative market analysis. The agents can send it to their customers. Whereas ArePulse collaborates market data. It will be sent to the clients or leads.

HouseCanary is used for the valuation of properties. Agents can get market insights, forecasts, value reports, and can evaluate the risks.

RPR’s functionality is a bit different. It is a mobile app. Realtors can get access to the property database of Realtors Property Resource. Especially, It can be done through the National Association of Realtors.

On the other hand, Home Value Leads is used for the estimation of home value. Also, it can be customized as you desire. Later, agents can use it on their IDX websites or ads on social media.

Software for Collaboration and Communication

Top agents use these for making the best strategies for communicating and collaborating.

  1. Grasshopper
  2. Slack
  3. Homesnap

The first is Grasshopper. By using it, you can choose a toll-free vanity number. Clients can be connected via local numbers with the help of Grasshopper software.

The second is Slack. Through this tool, one can have agent conversations on a one-on-one basis. Files can be shared. Also, for special topics, you can create channels.

Lastly, Homesnap provides a user-friendly experience for property search. Agents can talk to their clients directly by keeping in mind their valuable information.


Real estate software and tools are beneficial for you if you are working with a team, or you are an agent, an investor, or a brokerage. Use the above-mentioned tools and increase your business efficiency. In short, everybody knows that selection of tolls means a lot. Only by choosing the right tools, you can optimize your activities. Wish you the best sales year ahead.