ePMS Landlord Management Software

Developed by Elinx infotech, ePMS landlord management software provides a comprehensive rental property solution. The software uses advanced AI to centralize the data from all rental properties. 

Landlords or property managers can use ePMS landlord management software to attract, screen, and manage tenants. It helps to streamline maintenance requests and keeps a complete record of rental payments, expenditures, and revenues.

Nowadays, the UAE has become a hotbed for the world’s real estate sector. The average rental prices of villas and apartments increased by 27.3% in 2022. The trend foretells that this year too, the landlords will generate good profits. With its diverse rental property management features, ePMS landlord management software can become your most trusted partner in this endeavour.  

Features of ePMS Rental Property Management Software

ePMS provides a one-window solution to manage real estate. These are the features which make it stand out among its peers.

Lease Agreement Management 

ePMS landlord management software contains multiple standard lease agreement templates. You can generate agreements including lease terms, payment modes, legal provisions and customized options. 

Account Management

It can keep track of all your finances. You can manage rent, maintenance costs, work orders, and tax records.

Maintenance Management

The software records all maintenance requests put forward by the tenants. The tool also helps in monitoring and tracking the maintenance activities being performed on sites.

Tenant Portal

ePMS offers a tenant portal for effective communication between both parties. The tenant can utilise it to submit service requests, pay the rent and view their account balances.

Customer Support

ePMS team provides complete technical support during implementation. We also help with worker training and troubleshooting guidelines.

Implementing ePMS Landlord Management Software

The implementation of ePMS landlord management is relatively straightforward. All you need is to follow these five simple steps.

  1. Contact ePMS with the query. You can visit the ePMS website or call us at +971 4 566 8044. 
  2. Share the number of properties and your key performance indicators with our technical team to design the right solution.
  3. Purchase the software package. 
  4. After that, our field team will visit your office to install the system. The team will perform the test run in front of the client.
  5. After that, the team will train the designated personnel. In case of any emergency, you can contact the technical team for remote assistance and troubleshooting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t any rule of thumb about its cost. The cost depends upon the number of properties, features, and type of software purchased by the client.

ePMS landlord management software is the number one choice for UAE residents. This software by Elinx Infotech can centralize the data from all rental properties on a single HMI display.