epms asset management
epms asset management
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ePMS Real Estate Asset Management Software

ePMS Fixed Asset Module manages Company Assets which are at Multiple Locations and Multiple Branch, also allowing the capability of posting Bulk Depreciation on Fixed Assets as per the Asset Types and Categories. Asset Disposals and Asset Transfers are done at ease, with a confidence of accuracy.

  • Highlight at a Glance:
  • Fixed asset management with single & bulk depreciation posting.
  • Fixed Asset Register with Barcode Tagging. Maintain Unique Barcode for each device. Control Assets which cannot be barcoded.
  • Asset Master –Define your preferred Depreciation Method.
  • Automatic Single & Bulk Depreciation, which can be carried out monthly or yearly.
  • Record Fixed Asset information details such as location, asset owner, category, sub category, type of depreciation method, Purchase, depreciation start Date, Vendor, Invoice Ref Number, Item Name, Description, Amount, Useful Life, Department.
  • Auto GL linked Fixed Asset Disposal Mechanism For Selling, Scrapping, decommission
  • Conduct Barcode & Asset tagging Activity via the Mobile App. Get Real Time details about Asset current status.
  • Fixed Asset Reporting with 4 Cost Center Allocation options.
  • Fixed Asset Register with Barcode Tagging
  • Mobile App for Fixed Asset.