Epms Facility Management
epms facility management
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ePMS Real Estate Facilities Management Software

ePMS Facility Management is a customised module focused on planning and maintaining properties and their facilities. Developed by eLinx Infotech, ePMS has become UAE’s first-choice rental property management software. With this software, you can continuously track reactive and preventive maintenance.

Why do you need ePMS Facility Management Software?

If there is one field that pays well in the UAE, it is real estate. Last year, Dubai saw real estate transactions of a whooping $72.2 Billion. The property rents in Emirati also soared up to 27% increment in prices. It implies that if you take care of the property, it can generate handsome rental income.

This is where ePMS can seal the deal. It covers all aspects related to property management. You can create KPIs and maintenance schedules within the module and keep track via the ePMS mobile application.

Because of its dynamic approach and modern technology, ePMS is being used all around the region. So far, it has been installed in more than 250,000 properties, which is a testament to its quality.

Key Features of ePMS Facility Management Software

The features have been designed to streamline property management. With ePMS facilities management solution, you can access the following features:

  • Schedule Preventive and reactive maintenance
  • Create job or work orders.
  • A property inspection, including checklist and photo upload options.
  • PM, Quality Inspection, & Job order tracking
  • Tracking of previous maintenance history
  • Mobile app including dashboard with notification.
  • Calculation of maintenance costs
  • Maintenance receipts
  • User role management
  • Monitoring of new, pending, and completed tasks
  • Reporting in all readable formats (PDF & Excel)
  • Contract Management
  • Identification of hot points after analyzing the trends of issues reported by technicians and other workers.

Why Choose ePMS Facility Management System?

ePMS Facility Management Systems offer a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of facility management operations. With features such as work order management, preventive maintenance, asset management, and inventory tracking, ePMS helps facility managers optimize their workflow and improve operational efficiency. Some of the reasons are:

High Return on Investment

ePMS provides a high value for your money. It keeps the property in the best possible shape, allowing you to sell it at a market-competitive price. With ePMS, you can earn a fortune after spending a few pennies.

Time Management

ePMS allows you to set timelines for scheduled maintenance activities. After designating the timelines, you can monitor the work rate. In maintenance, timing is everything. If maintenance isn’t on time, the property may suffer irreversible damages to its paint, tile, woodwork, or utilities.

Quick Implementation

ePMS provides a framework to carry out all property management activities. After that, you can segregate the jobs based on urgency, budgeting, and available workforce.

Remote Monitoring

With the ePMS mobile app, you can get real-time updates from the site. It will include complete details of all finished and unfinished tasks.

Fast Implementation

ePMS can be implemented in no time. Our professional team will guide you through every step of the implementation. You can also contact our local team for training as well.

How to get ePMS Facility management software?

Click here to visit our website or Contact Tel: + 971 4 566 8044 at our office in Dubai. You can also book a no-obligation demo to witness its performance.