Best Property Management Software and Real Estate Software in UAE

To automate all departments in a Real estate business right from the Call center, Sales, Marketing, Leasing, Facilities management, Customer service, Projects, Finance, HR and finally Management reporting different software modules were implemented. Integration and accuracy of information between these modules becomes the most challenging task to any business. Thanks to ePMS Real estate Software – All in one platform, those days are history. ePMS offers a one stop solution to this ever growing challenge of this industry. All processes are managed seamlessly with the appropriate workflow and approval process that can be configured according to your business. Whether you are a Real estate developer or a real estate broker or a Property Management or Facilities Management company, ePMS covers all business processes with the best practices of the industry readily available. Also various configurations ensure the workflow of your own organizations is handled in the best possible way.

Real Estate Software Solutions

Below is the entire  portfolio of real estate software Solutions that are specially designed as per the best practices of the industry. These modules can also be purchase all together as a single platform or individually with a flexibility of upgrading / adding any module at anytime without any efforts.

ePMS CRM & Call Center

Real Estate CRM Software helps organizations reduce costs and increase productivity enterprise-wide with online CRM system.  Its advanced system… Read More

ePMS Property Sales Management

 Real Estate Sales Module is well equipped to handle the dynamic Sales Process cycle of the real estate industry. Its power workflows are super easy… Read More

ePMS Lease and Mall Management

Real Estate Leasing and Mall management module effectively manage leasing activities, facilitate an efficient proposal and approval process. Multi year lease provisions … Read More

ePMS Facilities Management

Real Estate Facilities Management Software Module addresses key issues relating to planning and managing of properties and the facilities provided. Tracking of reactive and… Read More

ePMS Financials

Real Estate Financial Software is a single integrated ledger that combines the functionality of Accounts Receivables and Payables. General Ledger… Read More

ePMs Asset Management

Real Estate Fixed Asset Module manages Company Assets which are at Multiple Locations and Multiple Branch, also allowing the capability of posting… Ream More

ePMS Purchase & Invetory

Real Estate Inventory management is a powerful solution with user-friendly features and rich functionality to maximize productivity and performance. Inventory management software… Read More

ePMS HR & Payroll

A Solution for Human Resource Department that is completely integrated to other modules of the Real Estate ERP. The application features a unique data structure making it flexible… Read More

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Best Real Estate Management Software in UAE

Benefits of ePMS Real Estate Software and Property Management Software