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ePMS Facility Management is a customised module focused on planning and maintaining properties and their facilities. Developed by eLinx Infotech, ePMS has become UAE’s first-choice rental property management software. With this software, you can continuously track reactive and preventive maintenance.

Why do you need ePMS Facility Management Software?

If there is one field that pays well in the UAE, it is real estate. Last year, Dubai saw real estate transactions of a whooping $72.2 Billion. The property rents in Emirati also soared up to 27% increment in prices. It implies that if you take care of the property, it can generate handsome rental income.

This is where ePMS can seal the deal. It covers all aspects related to property management. You can create KPIs and maintenance schedules within the module and keep track via the ePMS mobile application.

Because of its dynamic approach and modern technology, ePMS is being used all around the region. So far, it has been installed in more than 250,000 properties, which is a testament to its quality.

Key Features of ePMS Real Estate Facilities Management Software

  • Schedule Preventive and reactive maintenance
  • Create job or work orders.
  • A property inspection, including checklist and photo upload options.
  • PM, Quality Inspection, & Job order tracking
  • Tracking of previous maintenance history
  • Mobile app including dashboard with notification.
  • Calculation of maintenance costs
  • Maintenance receipts
  • User role management
  • Monitoring of new, pending, and completed tasks
  • Reporting in all readable formats (PDF & Excel)
  • Contract Management
  • Identification of hot points after analyzing the trends of issues reported by technicians and other workers.

Why Choose ePMS Facility Management Software?

ePMS Facility Management Software offer a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of facility management operations. With features such as work order management, preventive maintenance, asset management, and inventory tracking, ePMS helps facility managers optimize their workflow and improve operational efficiency. Some of the reasons are:

High Return on Investment

ePMS provides a high value for your money. It keeps the property in the best possible shape, allowing you to sell it at a market-competitive price. With ePMS, you can earn a fortune after spending a few pennies.

Time Management

ePMS allows you to set timelines for scheduled maintenance activities. After designating the timelines, you can monitor the work rate. In maintenance, timing is everything. If maintenance isn’t on time, the property may suffer irreversible damages to its paint, tile, woodwork, or utilities.

Quick Implementation

ePMS provides a framework to carry out all property management activities. After that, you can segregate the jobs based on urgency, budgeting, and available workforce.

Remote Monitoring

With the ePMS mobile app, you can get real-time updates from the site. It will include complete details of all finished and unfinished tasks.

Fast Implementation

ePMS can be implemented in no time. Our professional team will guide you through every step of the implementation. You can also contact our local team for training as well.

Components of Facility Management Software

FM Software are dynamic and versatile software capable of managing all aspects of your facility. Their fundamental components include the following.

Asset Management

Asset management means looking after, maintaining and disposing of the assets on time to maximize the return on real estate investments. For this, the FM Software ensures properties look stylish and are equipped with the latest features to grab attention.

Maintenance Management

In real estate, maintenance is an irreplaceable part of property management. An FM Software includes both preventive and reactive maintenance. The repairing or replacement of defective tiles damaged floors, roofs, broken glass, and paint work also falls in the same scope.

With An FM Software, you can issue work orders, set timelines, and assign specified tasks to the technicians. After that, you can do continuous performance evaluation with the interface.

Energy Management

It includes the management of utilities like natural gas, electricity, and the complete HVAC Software of a building.

The FM Software monitors energy consumption, allowing you to work on reducing energy consumption. It includes scheduled maintenance of mechanical components like chillers, air conditioners, humidifiers, water heaters, etc.

Space Management

Space management analyzes a real estate portfolio from a spatial perspective. With this, you can decide on tenant occupancies, expansion plans, and other upgrades.

The organization can manage space requests from other departments with data available at their fingertips.

Security Management

An FM Software should provide centralized, integrated security solutions from all properties in one place. The purpose is to centralize security operations. Modern Software allow online monitoring as well.

An efficient security software should include video surveillance, identity management, visitor management, and online monitoring.

Importance of Facilities Management Solutions

Facilities management solutions are just what you need for your business’s productivity. A company cannot always run independently to achieve set goals and objectives for a defined period.

However, with a bit of assistance, there’s more to just achieving. The company has an opportunity of going the extra mile without strain. Here is why facilities management solutions are important.

Planning for the Future

Any office with intentional goals must have a plan that aligns them with the goal. A facility manager’s job is to find ways to work around that help increase the business’s productivity.

Software, in this case, is essential to help track the progress and how much is implemented to ensure that the goals are met. For example, having ePMS sales software helps to track how many sales the company can make, which helps to earn them profit.

Managing the organization’s daily operations

Wouldn’t it be good to know how much productivity your business gets through a facilities management software? There is so much going on in a single day, and keeping track of all this is only possible with a facility’s manager.

However, a facilities management software makes organizing these daily activities easier. You can quickly plan the delivery of orders, order depleting stock, and so much more using software and still keep track of the movement.

Health and Safety

One thing you must have in mind as a property owner is the safety of yourself and anyone who will be a part of that property. This means that your residents’ health and safety should be your priority. But how do we achieve this with the use of software?

You can have a software that alerts you when there’s suspicious activity ongoing in your residence or unwanted people trying to gain access to your properties. Getting an alarm for all these suspicious activities keeps everyone and everything on the property safe, ensuring that ongoing activity is not disrupted.

The only way to ensure productivity at your place of work is to have a software that keeps everyone compliant and accountable. A facilities management solution does this and ensures that everything is running smoothly.

Benefits of Using Facility Management Software

A functional FM software is a gateway toward real estate success. It sorts and categorizes all departments to work under their respective job descriptions.

Here are a few of the significant benefits of an FM software.

Streamlined maintenance

Maintenance is responsible for the durability and long life of a property. With an FM software, you can perform all types of maintenance activities. The maintenance scope, vendor hiring, material delivery, and time lag can be planned on a centralized HMI display.

Better utilization of resources

An FM software records the functionality and performance of all installed resources. You can track the utilization of land, energy, utilities, rooms, incoming materials, fleet vehicles, and human resources.

Based on the data, you can pinpoint the loopholes and align these resources to achieve desired results.

With An FM Software, you can issue work orders, set timelines, and assign specified tasks to the technicians. After that, you can do continuous performance evaluation with the interface.

Increased Efficiency

An FM software increases the process efficiency by manifolds. You can monitor building conditions, maintenance, renovation, and future plans with real-time inputs. You can decide whether the quality of work is as per standards or not.

Since FM is a centralized software, you can rank the performances of on-site teams based on their implementation of property management policies.

Enhanced security

An FM software provides foolproof security features. It uses QR scanners to track visitors and the workforce daily. A well-defined data integrity policy safeguards critical information from external and internal threats.

The organization can manage space requests from other departments with data available at their fingertips.

How to Choose the Right Facility Management Software

Plenty of facility management software are available in the market, each claiming to provide the best real estate solution. However, you should set a selection criterion to make the right choice.

  • The criteria should include these points.
  • The FM software must fulfil your specific needs. The required management style and maintenance activities vary for residential and commercial properties. You should select a software as per your requirement.
  • The software should include the latest technology features ensuring AI-based data compilation. You can also compare the scope of supply from multiple suppliers for better evaluation.
  • An FM software should be compatible with installed software. If it isn’t capable with already installed chillers, electronic or security software, it won’t be able to extract all data in one place.
  • The interface should be simple and easy to understand. So that the managers and workforce can understand and record their performances.
  • The supplier should provide 24/7 customer support in the initial stages. The supplier should be able to provide workforce training with his local team.

If a software passes these criteria, you can give the green signal for installation, or you can simply choose ePMS real estate software. We bring the experience of managing 250,000 properties across the UAE, which makes us the region’s no 1 property solution.

Case Study: Adoption and Success of Facility Management software

The adoption of a facilities management software benefits every organization. According to a study, the customer experience in multi-tenant shopping centres in Ghana reached a satisfactory level after implementing FM software. The study took 117 customers on board and got questionnaires filled out for 12 months to reach this conclusion. All users were satisfied with offered services without any exceptions.

Thanks to these advantages, the global FM service market has reached USD 42.2 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 76 Billion by 2026.

Are you in Dubai looking for facility management solutions to improve workplace productivity? Visit the ePMS website, understand what software is most needed for your business, and request a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two types of Facility Management Software?

There are two basic types of facility management available. They are soft facilities management and hard facilities management.

How much does a facility management Software cost?

There is no hard and fast rule to determine its cost. It depends upon facility types, involved operations, and the type of installed Software.

What are the challenges of facilities management?

The major challenges include the following:

  • An incomplete interface.
  • Need for staff training.
  • Hybrid space utilization.
  • Data security issues.
  • Energy wastage.
  • Lack of scheduled maintenance.

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