Epms Real Estate Sales
epms real estate sales
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ePMS Real Estate Sales Software

ePMS Real Estate Sales Module is well equipped to handle the dynamic Sales Process cycle of the real estate industry. Its power workflows are super easy to configure and manage. ePMS provides a fast and reliable platform to generate complex payment plans, Reservation and SPA documents at a click of a button.

Highlights at a Glance

  • Property Master – Project, Buildings, Floors, Units
  • Property Master – Project, Land Or Section, Plots
  • Price Master – List Price, Base Price, Sold Price by Unit Type
  • Property Image uploads
  • Price Master Uploads
  • Payment Terms – By Event and Date Based
  • Release for Availability
  • Availability By Sales Region, Sales Executive, Sales Manager etc.
  • Issue Unit Proposal / Quotations / Property Brochure Generation
  • Unit Reservation by Sales Executive or Admins
  • Unit Block for Strategy / Unit release
  • Unit Cancellation/Termination Process
  • Booking the Receipts to Qualify the Pre-Reserve Booking Status
  • Allow Discount on Bookings
  • Notifications To Customer on Booking
  • Printing Unit Reservation Contract & Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Customer Documents Attachments & Storage
  • Sales Booking Approval Process
  • Multiple Types of Payment plans
  • Termination process
  • Handover Process
  • Addition/Deletion Of Joint Buyers Process
  • Transfer / Resale Process
  • Amendment of Payment Terms
  • Change of Contact Details
  • Additional of Parking
  • Area/Price Variation Change Process
  • NOC/Title Deed Request capture
  • Sales Reports – Availability, Inventory, Sales Details, Collections etc.,
  • Generation of Accounts Payable Invoices for Commission & Brokerage
  • VAT / Taxation (If applicable) – For Real Estate Properties
  • General Attachments Functionality
  • Email & SMS To Customer (Outbound text messages)
  • Agents Management – Creation & Approvals
  • Agents Documents Printing
  • Agents / Broker Upload
  • Agent/Broker Assignment to Sales Booking after specific no of days of Approval
  • Sales Commission and Agent/ Broker Commission
  • Track Sales person / Broker performance